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Structural components, systems and mechanisms manufacturing for the aerospace industry.


Integral product management, from development and design engineering, to procurement, manufacturing and final assembly.

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Many years of aerospace activity

All this efforts have resulted in years of success and recognised results by our most demanding customers. Read more


Reference customers & programs

We managed a sustained growth, backed by important investments in state-of-the-art installations and continuous . Read more


Advanced management systems

An extensive redundant supplier and subcontractor base to guarantee exceptional results in every purchased product Read more


Integral product management

Company specialized in Integral management, development and production of components & equipment for space & aeronautics. Read more

Novalti, S.A. C/ José Vara, 13 (P.I. Kareaga) - 48903 Barakaldo (Vizcaya) SPAIN - Teléfono: (+34) 94 497 1100 - novalti@novalti.es Legal notice