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Actividad y Productos

Structural components, systems and mechanisms manufacturing for the aerospace industry. Integral product management, from development and design engineering, to procurement, manufacturing and final assembly.

  • • Integral Program Management.
  • • Manufacturing and Design Engineering (Catia,Unigraphics, MasterCAM,...).
  • • Global supply chain of procurement and subcontracting.
  • • High precision machining of metallic parts (titanium, nickel, steels,...).
  • • High speed machining of aluminium alloys.
  • • Raw materials purchasing and management.
  • • Surface treatments and special processes.
  • • Aerospace assemblies.

Manufacturing equipment

  • • Autonomous manufacturing system (F.M.S.), integrated by an intelligent job queuing and loading system that automatically feeds in-line 4&5 axis Mitsui Seiki Horizontal CNC machines.
  • • Conventional 4&5 axis CNC machines.
  • • Coating and anti-heating coating cabin (laminar flux).
  • • Turning CNC machines.
  • • Grinding CNC machines.
  • • Chemical and microscopy laboratory
  • • White rooms for space assemblies.
  • • Aeronautic mechanisms assembly line.
  • • Manufacturing and design engineering.
  • • VERICUT CN simulation system.
  • • Integral corporative resource planning and management system (ERP).
  • • IBERPAC scheduler

Supply Chain

Managing programs integrally requires a high allocation of resources to the development and management of the supply chain, both locally and internationally. NOVALTI relies on years of managing experience, and an extensive redundant supplier and subcontractor base to guarantee exceptional results in every purchased product or process not performed in our premises.

Subcontracted activities:

Thermal treatments
Surface coatings

Intermediate finishing operations
Welding and plasma spraying

Electrochemical machining
Large parts machining

Material acceptance testing
Cutting and preparation

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